Shinjuku-Gyoen Park

November 2004

Shinjuku-Gyoen Park is in Tokyo.
It's located near subway Marunouchi-line , Shinjuku-Gyoen-Mae Station.

Autumn is the good season to visit there.
There are a lot of trees in the park and we can enjoy the autumn leaves there.
The leaves begin to change their colours. And they are very beautiful

I went to this Park at 9 o'clock in the morning.
Because the park opens at 9 o'clock and there are no people to visit on week day on that time.
The park in the morning is very quiet and I felt very comfortable in the cool autumn air.

The morning sun light was very soft and the colorful leaves were shining in the forests.
If you want to visit there, I'll recommend
fine early morning.
You can feel the special nature in the central of Tokyo

There is a rose garden in the park.
A lot of kind of the roses open there.

We can enjoy the sweet roses scent..

There are plane aisles in the park.
They are very romantic.
Now the leaves of the plane trees changes autumn color.

We can take the rest under the plane trees.

This is the Cherry Blossoms which open in the autumn.
They are little smaller than the spring cherry blossoms.
But they are charming and elegant.

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