Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto
2004 April

I went to see the cherry blossoms at Kyoto on April in 2004.
It was raining on that day.
I enjoyed the cherry blossoms getting wet to rain.

This is Hirano Shrine. This shrine is famous for its many kinds of cherry blossoms.
I hear there are about 500 cherry blossoms in the garden of this shrine.
And we can enjoy the 45 different kinds of cherry blossoms there.

This old shrine dates from 784 when it was established by the Emperor Kammu .
It was the Edo period (about 100-300 years ago) that many cherry trees were planted.

The picture of the left side

The paper tied to the branch is a fortune slip. After we read them over, we'll tie them to the branches of the trees.
It means we wish our fortune.

This is Mai Den.
It means the dancing stage.

This is Nanzenji Temple.

Emperor Kameyama loved this beautiful place and he built this temple in 1264.
Nanzen-ji is considered the most famous and important Zen temple in the world.

A lot of temples in Japan are built by wood.
The style of building is peculiar to East Asia, and sometime only Japan.

We can see the cherry blossoms in spring and also the red leaves in autumn in this temple.
The garden is very big and quiet . We can enjoy to view them.

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