Kamakura is one of the old cities .
It was built by Chogun Yoritomo Minamoto in 1192. There are a lot of temples and historical places there


This is the Buddhist image in Toukeiji-temple. This temple is very quite and we can enjoy the autumn color leaves in the garden.

The sun-light is very soft in the autumn morning.

There is the cherry blossoms which bloom in autumn

We can see the Kamakura mountains view from here.


Jhouchiji-temple is the zen temple.
It is surrounded by the mountains.
In old days people built this temple by cutting the stones.We can see the traces of their works even now.

Some Buddhist images are in the garden.

We can enjoy some flowers here.

The bamboo garden is popular and beautiful.

This is the gate of Jhouchiji-temple.
The two-storied gate is a special one.

The nature of Kamakura city is splendid.
We can feel the Japanese country side atmosphere there.

Turugaoka-Hachimangu Shrine

This Shrine was for the Shogun Minamoto Family. This is the biggest shrine in kamakura City. The very big ginkgo tree which is left side of the picture is over 1000 years old.

A lot of people visit this temple for praying.
The girls who are 3 years old and 7 years old and the boys who are 5 years old are the special ages for praying. They visit the shrine with their parents and pray for their safe.Sometime they wear the special clothes like kimonoes.

Kamakura is the nice city whenever you go.
If you have a chance to go there, please enjoy the nature there.

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