Denenchoufu is one of the lovely residential areas in Tokyo. The autumn is the best season to take a walk there because the roadside trees turn yellow and they are very beautiful.

Ginkgo trees Avenues are the good promnade roads not only for the resident but also for the visitors there.

Denenchoufu is the planned town which began to arrange in Taisho era (about 80 years ago). The Tokyu line station is in the central of this town. The north part of this station was planned for the residential area from the first time. From this station some radial roads are straightened. These have become the Ginkgo trees Avenues.

The station there is very modern and convenient now. But in the old time it was very small. The cute old station builing is kept even now . It has left the image of those days

Various colors of roses are planted in the open space in front of the station.

Atmosphere in this town is very nice.
We can feel the quite and neat space here.

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