Seoul 2006


One of my friends and I visited Seoul for 4 days.
Seoul, South Korea is very near from Tokyo.
It takes only 2 hours by air.
We enjoyed the beautiful city.

The picture of the left side is the Seoul Tower,
the view from the window of the inn we stayed.

We stayed the small inn in the Myeong-dong area.
Myeong-dong is the very vivid shopping town.
I took these pictures below in Myeong-dong.

On the second day, we visited the Deoksugung at first.
The wall here is very beautiful.
We took a walk aroud there and visited also inside.

Cheong gyecheon Stream is located the center of the city.
This stream is the place where we can relax enjoying the water.

Seoul is a big city so we sometimes took subways.
They have several subway lines and they are very convenient for us.
When we went to Yeouido, we used the No.5 subway line.

Yeouido is the island in the Hangang River.
This island is very big.
And the National Assemble Bldg. Korea Broadcasting SystemiKBSj, 63building
and many office buildings are located.

The view from the 63 building

Seoul Tower is the symbol of the Seoul City.
It is located on the top of the Namsan hill.
We can look at the all city round and enjoy the night view also.

On the third day I took part in the DMZ tour.
I visited the northernmost point bordering North Korea.
It is quite good experience to think about the coutry.

Near Imjingang Station

I took these pictures at the Dora Observatory.
The middle of the picture is the view of the North Korean propaganda village.

Dorasan Station is the northernmost railway station.
The station is located only 700 meters from the Southern Limit Line of DMZ.
We can take pictures only for the Station Building.
I mean we never take pictures outside here.

The northern part of Angukithe subwayline 3jis area
where the traditonal houses are located.

I took a walk around there.

This was the third time to visit to Seoul.
Seoul is the very lovely city and each time I could enjoy.
I'd like to go there again!!


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