2004 December

The sunset view from the COEX Inter-Continental Hotel

Our younger son and I went to Soul in the South Korea on December in 2004. It takes 2 hours by airplain from Tokyo to Soul. Soul is the very near and attractive city for us.

Mt. Fuji(the highest mountain in Japan)

The COEX inter-continental Hotel is located in the south area of the Soul city. When we arrived at the hotel, we could look at the vapor trail in the sun-set sky.

We ate Korean Beef (Karubi)at the Korean style restaurant near the Hotel. It was very delicious.

There are a lot of movie theaters in Soul. We could find some brochures in front of the theaters.

The south part of Soul City is the new developed area. There are modern builidings, the big event halls and department stores. A lot of people are working there.

On the second day we went to Yongsan. Yongsan is the town where a lot of shops deal in the electronic goods. we could find the movie DVD or VCD there.

Myeong-dong is the downtown in Soul City. There is a low hill in the suburbs of the Myeong-dong area. The Myeong-dong Cathedral is on the top of this hill.

We could watch the chosun dynasty parade in front of the City Hall.

The skate rink is set up near the City Hall.
It is very cold in winter of Soul.

We stopped the Korean style restaurant again in Gangbyeon. There is the Techno-mart (the electoronic shopping builiding) in Gangbyeon. We also visit the Lotte-mart (super market) there.

In the morning last day I visited the very old temple near the hotel. Bongeun-sa Temple was built in Shiragi era.


Soul has a lot of nice places to visit.
I love Korea very much.

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